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About Lianne

Hello, I’m Lianne Grove, I help women to find their power, let go of their fears and transform their limiting beliefs around money. Why? Because I’ve seen too many women make choices based on fear and financial insecurity, and I want this to change.

You see, I was the accountant who was afraid of not having enough money.

Sounds unbelievable? I know, I’ve had a career spanning 24 years, taking care of the finances for large corporates, leading executive teams and making lots of money for my employers.

It just doesn’t add up!

Well, actually it does…

After extensively training in developmental psychology, self-actualisation and NLP Communications, I know that the stage is set for our relationship with money in childhood. Our beliefs, values and fears are deeply buried in our subconscious and play-out throughout our lives.

For me, I was very good at managing money.

In fact, by age 30 I owned 3 properties, was trading shares and teaching others to do the same.  But my subconscious beliefs were working in the background and gradually began to unravel the good work that I had done.

You see, my desire for more was driven by fear.

Fear of being without.

I was so fixated on scarcity that I scrambled to hold on to the wealth I created. When my marriage split, my fears overwhelmed me and my need for security took over; I jumped into a toxic relationship that left me $100,000 in debt.

But that was the catalyst I needed…

I saw for the first time that I had the power to create my own financial security. Once I learned to stand in my power, listen to my own inner voice and adhere to the good money management principles I knew so well, my financial future turned around very quickly.

Now, I work with women in 3 areas:

  • Knowledge – teaching financial literacy and universal money principles
  • Inner Power – changing the constraints of outdated conditioning, beliefs and behaviours
  • Action – creating step by step processes to put this work into action and transform financial wellbeing

Through the combination of financial literacy and inner work, I demystify the topic of money and teach simple principles of money management. At the same time, I work on changing distorted relationships with money, working through issues of self-worth, shame and guilt.

I love to see women develop a healthy, abundant and prosperous mindset around money. This fundamental shift restores the flow of money in their lives, giving them the confidence to manage their own finances, create security and independence for themselves and their families.

“I have been very fortune to join Lianne’s PEM Program to help me with my finances. It has been an incredible journey to date, exploring my relationship with money, discovering that it isn’t all about the numbers and how to maximise my wealth for the future. Learning to have a positive relationship with money and in particular my financial position has made my life easier and taken away the stress and worry I all too often experienced. For any woman looking to take control of their finances and improve their money mind-set, I highly recommend joining Lianne on this amazing journey.”

Emma Helyar, Director of Finance Architects Australia

“After only one session of the Empowered Money Program I made more in the next month than double the amount of money I have ever made before, that is so funny.”

Jenna Free, Founder of The Body Love Society

“Lianne has taught me a different way of viewing finances. She has made a streamlined process to build a plan and stick to it. This is the only place that I have found where mindset exercises are practiced. These exercises help set us up for life in incorporating financial principles into everyday life. I dreaded looking at my finances each month and now I actually look forward to her online meetings.”

Laura Hathaway, Computer Programmer

“I thought I had everything under control. I was loving my job and family life, but just couldn’t quite achieve the balance I truly wanted. I certainly didn’t feel I needed any coaching, but then curiosity got the better of me and I had 3 coaching sessions with Lianne Grove. By the third session something suddenly clicked….. Lianne showed me something in myself that was preventing me from making changes in order to achieve a big difference in my work/life balance. Lianne didn’t “give” me the answers but her incredible perception and wonderful insight into how the mind works brought sudden clarity to me and what I needed to do. Now I still love my job and family life, but I love it all EVEN MORE.”

Cathy McKeagney, Gas Marketing Manager

“Lianne’s coaching was extremely beneficial for me. I was in a bit of a rut and it enabled me to explore my goals, help me better understand how to achieve my objectives and become more focused and proactive at work. I would certainly recommend her to anyone looking for some direction and support.”

Chris Stone, Finance Manager


THIS REPORT REVEALS the steps to creating healthy finances.
Simply by taking one small action each day for a month you can make a real difference to your financial knowledge and well-being.  Be able to face your financial future with confidence and conviction.